Natural Bath & Body ~ With a Twist! ;) 

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We are your Happy Hour Soap girls. Hi! We make Wine Soap, Honey Chardonnay Lotion and Berry Mimosa Bath Bombs, yes indeed. Here's a little something about our little company:

Happy Hour isn't just about cheap booze (although cheap booze can be awesome). Happy Hour is a state of mind. It's a I'm-not-working-not-looking-at-my-phone-not-STRESSING kind of vibe. It's time to kick back with your friends, sip a tasty beverage, laugh and finally take a breath after a long day/week/year. We put these good vibes into every bar of soap we make and batch of body butter we whip up.

Sure, we make great products with natural and organic ingredients, because DUH, all products we put on or in our bodies should be free from scary chemicals - amiright?! But natural doesn't have to be boring. You don't have to give up your fun bubble baths (SLS free bubble bars!), your fabulous hair (check out our Get Naked Organic Shampoo - AMAZING), or fun and flirty fragrances (ours are all phthalate free!) to live a toxin-free lifestyle. Seriously. The Happy Hour Soap Company is here to put a little fun back into your nature-lovin' life. 

We are the Happy Hour Soap Company. Natural Bath & Body ~ With a Twist. ;)

Extra good vibes:

Our products are cruelty free.

Most of our products are vegan (with exception of goat's milk soap and beeswax).

Most of our products are gluten free.

We use recycled shipping material whenever possible.

We purchase ingredients from social and eco-conscious companies.

Happy Hour Soap Company is: 

Nicole Brandt and Sara Bennett

Nicole is the mother of a teen girl and 6 year old boy. She has multiple passions including soap crafting, reiki energy healing and novel writing.

Sara lives in Omaha with her boyfriend. She is a former elementary teacher and holds a Masters degree in Education.

We are two sisters from Nebraska, who want to make the world a slightly better place. We make products for the bath and body made with beautifully natural and organic ingredients. We LOVE them and know you will too.

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